Privacy Policy mobile applications

1. This document describes the privacy statement of mobile application icomen X2, COMEN ELECTRONICE TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.

2. On the mobile device are stored:

    2.1. Application Identifier - stored on the device until you remove the mobile application from the device.

    2.2. information about the number of devices running the application icomen X2.

3. Communication between the mobile application and the system is carried out using the LAN protocol.

4. The application can access the following permissions on your mobile device:

    4.1. Memory (for saving user settings)

    4.2. Camera (for scanning QR codes)

    4.3. Information about the Wi-Fi connection (to check whether Wi-Fi is turned on, and the reading of the names of connected Wi-Fi devices)

Permissions applications can be canceled by changing system settings on the device or uninstall the application.

5. Application for Android version 4.4 or higher

6. The application for iOS and mobile 5s or newer

7. Mobile applications do not store any personal information that would enable a third party to identify the particular user application does not store data to authenticate the site or customer data available after logging in. Anonymous data on user activity in the Mobile Application can be processed for statistical purposes.

8. If no agreement on this policy does not install an app or uninstall it.

9. If you have questions or concerns, please contact:


Tel:+86 574 86627888